​​Abhaya group include Abhaya Hospital, Abhaya Addiction Recovery Center (AARC), Abhayaonline.com and Abhaya College of Nursing, Established in 2001 in Bengaluru.

Sometimes things get so big, so fast that we don’t know where to turn. Other times, issues have just slowly built up over time until they feel impossible to solve.
You or somebody you are thinking about may feel stuck or not understood. You may feel alone, but you’re not.
Our trained and certified licensed clinicians learn about the problems you are facing. Together, we find solutions to your life’s ups and downs.
In our sessions, you will be the one to do all the talking - we will listen and guide you all the way through to resolving all your issues. Don't hesitate - you will find here the best confidants ever.
Make an appointment and see for yourself that we are the best choice, the first consultation is on us.

Abhaya Hospital
Abhaya Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital, established in 2001 in Bangalore which offers high quality, reliable and affordable health services in a focused and caring environment. With 100 beds and modern facilities like a state of the art Intensive Care Units (ICU) with ventilators, a fully modernized (modular) operation theater with operating microscope and a dialysis unit, we are committed in providing highest quality of patient care and also ensuring safe and effective health care.

Abhaya Hospital has an in-house CT scan, Ultrasound Scanning, Doppler Study, and a fully equipped Laboratory. We have a 24/7 Casualty, CT Scan Laboratory and a Pharmacy. The best technology in the medical field is put to use by a highly enthusiastic, qualified, dedicated, well-trained and experienced medical team along with expert paramedical executives.​​