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30 May

During this lockdown it is of paramount importance to look after our health, along with physical wellbeing  mental health has equal priority.

We Humans are social animals, even while travelling in bus or train we try to initiate conversation with co-passengers, though it is unsolicited. Solitude is rare in our society. Now we are forced to live in solitude because of the lockdown.

Staying at home or staying alone for prolonged periods of time can give rise to anxiety, despair, loneliness, feelings of hopelessness, fear of survival , boredom, confusion which all leads to increased stress. Stress worsens mental health problems and cause new ones. We have  no option but to accept our current situation and find ways to preserve our wellness.

Following ways can help us to remain healthy :

  1.  STAY CONNECTED : Staying connected with family, relatives, friends & colleagues is of paramount importance. We have many options like video chat, group chats in apps like zoom etc. Keep enquiring about their wellness & share your thoughts.
  2. HOBBIES :  Hobbies can have a great impact in our current scenario. This is the best opportunity to learn a new hobby or master an old one. Many of us have lost of the art of reading books, so engage in reading, listen to music, learn cooking etc.
  3. EXERCISE : Because we will sedentary most of the time in this lockdown. It is vital that you should exercise on a regular basis, as it can improve your improve your mental state and boost your immunity.
  4. GROUP ACTIVITIES : In the olden days, carom boards, chess boards and other board games were common in households. Today these things have disappeared. Instead of gluing yourself to the TV, Tablets or mobiles ,Fix some time in the morning and evening to play some games with the family. You can participate in prayers and bhajans together as a family.If any one family member is talented in singing or playing musical instruments, it is desirable to join as a group on group video chat and participate in a musical show for the family, friends & colleagues. By using apps like Zoom, even we can have ‘Antakshari’. This will be far better than gluing to TV.
  5. MEDITATION : It is an excellent way of handling stress and it is a golden opportunity for everyone to develop this wonderful habit. By meditation one can Introspect and focus on the here and now, and not worry about the past and the future.
  6. Worry : So many contradictory views/news on TV and internet make us confused and anxious. If you are worried about having the disease please read in detail the symptoms of COVID-19  which are Fever, Dry cough , sore throat , breathlessness etc ( Fever is very important ) Still if you are fearful, take a piece of paper and jot down all your fears at the end of the day. Introspect and question yourself why that you are getting these thoughts and find a logical answer. Instead of all these if you are fearful and preoccupied with the disease, consult your doctor.

Let’s stay healthy & defeat spread of Covid19

Dr.Jagadish MD (PSY)                       

Dr.Mukesh MD (PSY)

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