Sadness is an integral part of life. Feeling sad is not Depression. At any given point of time around 350 Million people suffer from Depression across the world.

If sadness persists for longer period of time like over a week, associated with disturbed sleep, disinterest in pleasurable activities, feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness & inability to concentrate at work can be symptoms of Clinical Depression. If symptoms worsen, then the person can have death wishes and in severe cases can contemplate to end life. 

Initially people find it difficult to recognize the symptoms and they try to overcome by engaging in some activities, prayers, discussing with trusted people and still if it persists or worsens then they consult the Doctor.

Depression can be precipitated by some life events like break up in relationship, financial difficulties, death of nearest & dearest or any other stressors in life. All depression need not be associated with an event, it can happen to anyone who has no major events in life at that juncture. Family history of Depression or suicide can play a major role in having Depression in one’s life.

Mild form of Depression can be managed with change in lifestyle, exercise including Yoga and Psychotherapy.

Majority of patients require Medication with other supportive therapies like exercise, Psychotherapy. Most of the drugs used in Depression are not addictive, non-sedative and quite safe and need not be for lifetime.